When doing our research, we often get the question ‘what’s the perfect tour type?’ and we often answer with  SAHARA DESERT TOURS FROM MARRAKECH. Frankly, all tours are enjoyable. Each tour has that special feeling or vibe. But they all serve the same purpose. And that’s enjoying your time and relaxing a little. After all, we deserve some time to vent our frustration and enjoy our life a little more.

There’s something that makes desert tours more enjoyable. Personally, I have been on many tours (for err.. research). And I can say with complete confidence, that the desert tours were by far the most enjoyable. Yes, the sea is amazing, the mountains are also awesome. But the desert is special in its own way. Maybe it’s the vast sandy desert that I got the opportunity to wander in. Or the breathtaking sunrise that forced me to wake up early in the morning, just to witness it. ( yes it was so worth it!) Or the calming sunset that made me feel amazed. Maybe its a combination of all these things. And other gorgeous sights, such as the enchanting and beautiful starlit sky at night.

You might be saying, ‘ Okay, the desert sounds awesome but I still want to visit other not so desert-y places’. Well, fine. Starting from Marrakech, heading for the desert, you will get the chance to pass by this amazing, and I can not stress this enough, AMAZING road. You will visit various cities as you’re heading to your destination.

Visit Qarth!

Hey, do you like Game Of Thrones? yea? great! we’ll visit a famous Berber village called Ait Ben Haddou. Known for being the chosen locale to film some GOT episodes in. We will also explore the beautiful countryside, and valleys that are so gorgeous, you wouldn’t want to leave. Trust us, that had happened to us before.

The same person who did not want to leave the beautiful valley had that same feeling when we arrived at our destination. A large majority of our travelers just adored the culture. And the Sahara traditions. One particular traveler, yes, the one mesmerized by the desert, described the tour as “culturally enriching”. And we couldn’t have come up with a more suiting description. You will experience what used to be the traditional lifestyle of a local nomad. Here’s a little list of what to expect from our Sahara desert tours from Marrakech. And from our professional staff;

Camel trekking;

A Wikipedia search will portray camels as an “even-toed ungulate” but they’re so much more than that. Apart from being super patient and can adapt to extremely harsh conditions camels are adorable, petting them feels amazing and they seem to love it. You will get on your camel and trek your way through the desert witnessing the gorgeous sunset, eventually, you will have to get off your camel because your caravan will arrive at the destination, but you will get more chances with your adorable camel.

Gorgeous sights;

You rarely get the chance to see an amazing sunrise or sunset, and since it’s psychologically proven that gazing at sunrises and sunsets may boost your well-being and increase your generosity, we made sure that it must be included, even the locals who witness the same thing nearly every day never get tired of it. And unlike actual drinkable medicine, gazing into the glorious sunset actually feels good.

Delicious food;

Now we’re talking, food. We all must agree that we definitely do not need psychology to tell us that enjoying different and delicious food makes you feel more joyous and delightful, you will enjoy Morocco’s finest for breakfast lunch and dinner. Choose from a hefty menu that offers you only the most delicious of Morocco’s cuisine. Yes, you can have the recipe, we’re sorry you can’t have the cook, once again trust us, it happened before.

Professional drivers and friendly staff;

Our drivers are interviewed and tested by previous professional drivers so it’s safe to say that they are as professional as they come, we also conduct a “how friendly are you” test and again we’re sure that they are as friendly as they come! The language barrier is merely a tiny step for us, our staff members can perfectly speak English, French and Spanish, one of our drivers can even speak Swahili but we doubt you’ll need that. Is something not right? We’ll fix it for you, all you have to do is let us know. And please keep the questions coming, we’d love to help!

Secret camp;

Here’s what you need to know, it’s in the middle of the desert, it’s perfectly lit, and the sweet summer breeze feels ten times better when you’re next to a campfire. You can sip Moroccan tea under the skies, have a delicious meal, and enjoy an entertaining and relaxing show performed by local nomads, the smooth sounds of the drums will make you appreciate the desert. And security is our number one priority. The camp is very secure. You just worry about how you like your meal.

Best prices;

So Camel trekking, delicious food, and gorgeous sights, we bet you’re thinking that must be costly. It really isn’t! When we were designing our Sahara desert tours from Marrakech, we always kept in mind the price “issue” as it is a valuable issue. So we decided to ask for the lowest price available and also came up with a welcoming challenge, if you were to find a better price that’s offered by an equally luxurious and legally-operated tour company we will refund the difference with a wide smile, and you’ll be the first one to make it to our list.

yes, we keep a list for that.

We do our job out of pure joy, and whenever we’re working we are trying our best to keep our reputation untainted and thanks to the feedback we receive we’re more confident each day. It’s a guarantee that our Sahara desert tours from Marrakech will be fully satisfying. And you having the time of your life, is our key objective. We are more than ready to receive any questions or suggestions, contact us and we’ll reply as fast as we can! We’d love to have you on our Sahara desert tours from Marrakech.