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1 360
2 220
3 180
4 160
5 150
6 140
7-9 135
10-13 130
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Berber people always call Jebel Toubkal “the Mountain of all Mountains”. Standing at 4167m above sea level, it is not only the highest peak in North Africa but also one of the most popular trekking destinations, not only for the locals but also for tourists. Why? Because it is a mountain, which fascinates with its magnificence and beauty, with unbelievable landscapes and purity that everyone can find peace in.


Berber people always invite everyone to see Jebel Toubkal “the Mountain of all Mountains”. Standing at 4167m above sea level, it is not only the highest peak in North Africa but also one of the most popular trekking destinations. In two beautiful days, you will experience the wonderful mountain sceneries of the Atlas Mountains and the generosity of the Berber people. You will spend days walking through the most spectacular sceneries you’ve ever seen and feel proud when you finally reach your destination at the top.

The trek to Toubkal is exactly not difficult but it is a serious undertaking and should not be underestimated! The normal route is considered moderate climbing, but you must be it and known for walking long distances. Good shoes and a windbreaker are must-haves at any time of the year. You will need to be accompanied by a professional guide throughout the trip and a porter to carry your luggage and supplies. The guide will be with you from the time you leave Marrakech until you reach the summit.

The Toubkal tour is a full-day trek and we will stay overnight we can provide you with places to stay where you can rest your weary bones! The fireplace is the most impressive feature in the Refugee Toubkal and you could sit for hours and watch it warm up the room. It’s a cozy atmosphere around the fireplace where you can meet other travellers and mountaineers and share stories and food.



  • Jebel Toubkal highest mountain in North Africa with a height of 4167m
  • Within 2 days you will enjoy every bit of the Toubkal National Park.
  • The guide who is fluent in French and English
  • Staff for your comfort with mules for transport, luggage, and cooking.
  • Night stay in traditional and great Toubkal Refuge having showers and restaurants.
  • 5-6 hours of daily walking
  • Interaction and refreshment with local Berber families
  • The mesmerizing view of valleys, mountains, and villages
  • A wonderful view of sunrise at Jebel Toubkal in the early morning
  • Tour time can be increased if you like to do so.


Please be ready around 7.00 am to be collected by our driver, as he will depart promptly at 8.00 am for Imlil. You will receive an email with the name of your driver and your pick-up point. Please note that your hotel reception may require a signature from a staff member upon arrival.

Imlil is a Berber village that is located at the base of the Atlas Mountains. It is located south of Marrakech at a height of 1740m above sea level. On day one your trek will begin from here.

You will be met by the muleteer crews and they will take your luggage. They will also take care of any food and other necessary supplies you brought along on this trek. There are several small Berber villages where you will stop along the way and have a chance to explore before arriving at the final destination. Your initial trek will take you through stunning scenery, with the mountains and trees surrounding you. As we cross the mountain shrine of the Sidi Chamharouch, we will begin to ascend toward our mountain hut. We will be 8,000 feet above sea level before long and will soon reach our destination.

After an early start, we will stop for a lunch at a beautiful spot on a cool mountain trail. We will then trek through the forest, up the mountain to a refuge at 10,500 feet. There we will have a rest, a shower, and tea. The next day we will continue hiking.

Another thing that is usually available on the trek is a place to sleep at night. This will usually be a tent, though it could be an open room or a hut made of logs. Breakfast is typically a light meal, like pancakes or oatmeal, which will keep you energized for the hike and it would be served at 5 a.m. We can begin our climb up the mountain by 5.30 am. The sun will start to rise soon after we get started and we'll want to watch the sunrise during our climb. It'll be a lot easier to reach the summit when the sun is rising, but we should give ourselves plenty of time to slowly make our way up the mountain. There are many amazing views along the way and during the climb, we'll be able to see the whole island. It's important to pace ourselves and drink plenty of water during the climb. It should take four hours to complete the trek, including a break halfway up.

Once you've reached the summit, you can rest for about 45 minutes before we begin our descent back down the same path. Experience the thrill of being on top of the highest peak in the Atlas Mountain range by taking photographs and enjoying the incredible views!

After we return to the hut, you'll have lunch and follow the same path back to Imlil. You will be driven back to Marrakech from there.

Good to know


  •  Tour Guide
  • Hostel / Hotel Pick and Drop
  •  Water and meal
  •  Mules for transportation
  •  Stay at Toubkal refuge


  •  Personal expenses
  •  Hiking equipment


The right time to climb is from April to May and other than from September to October.

Marrakech Trip Company organizes Mount Toubkal treks all the seasons in Morocco. Winter is known for its beautiful scenery and the snow-capped peaks of Mount Toubkal meet all expectations. Autumn also has much to offer with a colorful display of leaves on the trees.

A few years ago, every climber was allowed to climb Mount Toubkal without any registered guide. But now, all climbers must be accompanied by a local registered guide. You will have to register yourself at the checkpoint in the Aroumd village otherwise you are not allowed to climb Jbel Toubkal. So always keep your registration along for guidance and other purposes.

The first and most important step to hiking Mount Toubkal is to get in great shape. You can't expect to make the summit if you can't even climb a few flights of stairs without getting winded. You should also learn how to use the right equipment and clothing for the conditions. While a few people attempt to climb Mount Toubkal without any experience, this snow-covered mountain is much more dangerous than any of the mountains most people climb. Only experienced climbers should attempt a summit in the winter season.

The temperature of the high Atlas Mountains can go below freezing to almost -20 Celsius.

  • Crampons
  • Sports sunglasses
  • Ice ax
  • Ski goggles
  • Sun hat
  • Wool hat
  • Thick gloves
  • Buff


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