Private desert tours from Marrakech


private desert tours from Marrakech offers excellence, be certain that you’ll be treated like royalty. Our company is fully licensed and bonded and our staff is composed of English/French speaking, highly professional drivers and experienced tour guides. Rest assured that you will receive the best service and spend a memorable time when touring with us. Thanks to our expertise and professionalism we know what you need when you need it. Our private desert tours from Marrakech is the ultimate tour for you whether you’re a couple, a family or a group of friends. Book our private desert tours from Marrakech and experience Morocco like never before.


Our main goal is you having a great time when touring with our private desert tours from Marrakech. Our clients always get what they expect and even more. Choose your favorite tour or customize your own according to your preferences, whether it concerns your budget, schedule or specific interests. There’s plenty of choices when it comes to choosing from our wide list of private desert tours from Marrakech they vary from 2,3, and 4-day trips.

We strongly believe that happiness is freedom from frustration and getting a sentimental bond with nature and the beautiful surroundings, in our case, its the desert. You will get the chance to camel trek with your loved ones and partners and experience delicious and very tasty Moroccan delights, spending the night under the magical skies of the desert also has a huge effect on how memorable your tour is going to be.

Keep in mind that you’re in control of where to go and when to go, we’ll provide the necessary equipments and accompany you to ensure that everything is safe and sound and that you’re having the time of your life.


Over 24 years of experience and knowledge in the Sahara desert business, that’s a whole lot of experience. We strive for perfection, we aim for your satisfaction and we sure know how to make you feel that way.

Every tour of the private desert tours from Marrakech includes an overnight stay at our private and secure Berber desert camp in the sand dunes, full of relaxing activities and delicious food, lay down and stare at the amazing sky beside the campfire, our tours also include camel trekking as well as memorable activities that will make you release all the accumulated boredom and tiring day-to-day routine and breathe in the sweet breeze of happiness.

To enjoy time genuinely and spend an amazing time away from the fuss is what every human being needs, we studied that, understood it and crafted tours that do just that. Taking care of necessities and providing every essential service is what we do. Since 1992.


Look around, you’re probably staring at a computer screen reading along these lines and wondering what must that feel like, we’ll tell you.

Amazing scenes that will simply take your breath away and mountains so high your neck will ache from gazing at them for too long, ( we have got a tip for that!), appreciating the sunset while on a camel’s back wandering through the desert with nothing on your mind except how gorgeous this place is, tasty and traditional food that will not only fill your belly but also make you appreciate every bite.

The best times we get to spend are usually outside of our casual surroundings, and whats more ‘un-casual’ than the gorgeous desert and the marvellous view of the sunrise while sipping on mint tea in the middle of the hauntingly beautiful desert. Your children will love it, your partner will adore it and your group will forever have this tour on their minds. We have been told before that the photos taken while on one of our tours are still in our beloved clients’ albums and whenever they feel bored or tired with the usual nonsense they go back to browsing pictures they’ve taken. Nothing makes us feel more proud and simply happy than knowing that our clients constructed ‘happy places’ from times they spent on our tours. We’d love to have you, your family, and the whole gang on our private desert tours from Marrakech. The beautiful scenery you will get to witness will leave you in a state that we like to call ‘beautiful awe’, it’s that amazing feeling you get when you see something extraordinary, and that dear travelers is what we promise you.

Contacting us for questions or recommendations will only make us love our job more, so please do not hesitate to do so. We’ll see you in our private desert tours from Marrakech.