What to pack for your excursion

PinKamel asked me to write about excursion essentials. And my response was “are you serious? I’d love to!”.

I’m Laura Valad, and this is “What to pack for your excursions”.

If your tour starts and ends in the same place then this recommendation will be very accurate. Having the experience to observe my fellow travelers, I think it is important to share this information.

For backpacks, a normal backpack, literal school type or just a hiking one, will do just fine. In it, you can keep your clothes. Preferably one with little pouches to keep your money in. As for passports and personal documents; those will stay safely in the car. You’ll be making several stops along the way, so you don’t stress over the safety of your personal documents. You can carry your small backpack for when you make stops for lunch or sightseeing. Knowing that in a shared group, you will be met with 16+ people, it’s a good idea to have necessary items with you (sunglasses, phone charger, camera – yes that’s essential – sunscreen, money).

You’d think I won’t have to point this out but, I’m trying my best here. It is necessary to know that if it is not summer, then you should definitely bring your jacket with you. Sometimes, in Morocco, it gets too cold at night.

Amenities, such as toothbrush, paste, shampoo, and sun cream, most definitely; should be brought with you. If you are taking some pills or medication, then please remember to grab those on your way out. Once again, you’d think that it’s needless to point this out. But from previous experience, I feel as if it’s my responsibility to remind fellow travelers. If your trip ends in Fez, then you will need to bring your luggage on your own. 


All in All, my experience with PinKamel was amazing. We visited many monuments and had the opportunity to make several stops along the way. I will definitely visit Morocco again, and I hope that I get Hamid as my tour guide again!