Traveling in private

In addition to the service we offer as the shared excursion to Merzouga or Zagora, we have the tour available in private. It will be just you, your companion, and a driver who will also guide you. Basically, traveling in private. Our drivers can speak English, Spanish or French and they will be with you during the tour. It is convenient to be accompanied by a local, it will be also helpful if you ever had any questions. They can take you to different and new places. Also, they will gladly explain much more about the culture and lifestyles from the area.

Traveling in Private – made easy.

You can even make your own private tours to Merzouga and Zagora, which are the main destinations. The number of days you have in Morocco will determine the way in which we’ll arrange a tour. We will be taking you to the places that you’re the most eager to discover. Alternatively, we can simply suggest and organize a tour that you will definitely enjoy. We can arrange a tour that you will surely enjoy. A trip to Merzouga, for instance, is one of our favorites. Sleep for two or three nights, and go through the villages where you’ll really discover Morocco’s beauty.

Morocco is a country with a lot of diversity in terms of panoramas, on the way from Marrakech to Merzouga you can see from the snowy Atlas Mountains and Merzouga that can reach up to 55 degrees Celsius depending on the time you come, as well as we have the famous beach of Essaouira, definitely recommended, Sidi Kauoki, Agadir and some other beaches where surf lovers take advantage of their activities or just spend a few days of rest on the Moroccan coast.

If you require a quotation or additional information, we are at your service every day of the year.