The Todgha Gorge is one of the most spectacular canyons in the world

Morocco is a gorgeous land. It will not cease to amaze you with its gorgeous landscapes. And Todgha Gorge is the best example.

Firstly, Todra is located in the South of Morocco. About seven hours east of Marrakech. This place is one of the premier climbing destinations in Morocco. With its high walls, offering hundreds of routes of sport and multi-pitch climbing routes. Which lie on solid, reddish limestone. Certainly, you will love the gorgeous scenery. Also, there are hundreds of high-quality climbing routes. Covering a wide range of difficulty. The rock is superb and the walls are high! The Todgha Gorge is definitely a natural wonder.

The premiere of the American reality show, Expedition Impossible featured The Todgha Gorge. Also, it was featured on a 2012 advertisement for the Cadillac CTS. During the dry season, there will be a small stream of water, at most. The Wadi then comes easily traversed, and most travelers enjoy the gorgeous scenery it gives out. During the rainy season, however, the canyon floor will be covered in a strong torrent, because of its expansion. You will notice sheer and smooth rock walls that stretch up to 160 meters (525ft) high on each side. And at the last 600 meters (1,969ft), you’ll gaze into Todgha Gorge’s most spectacular side. The canyon narrows to a flat track. And this happens in places as little as 10 meters (33ft).

Additionally, you may see Berber villages from Todgha Gorge. As they are located on the surfaced road, running between Tinerhir and Tamtatoucht. PinKamel will take you through every key place, and you’ll enjoy Morocco like it should be enjoyed. From the perspective of a Moroccan.

You’ll definitely enjoy this place. Your time spent here will forever be embedded in your mind. Morocco seems to have that effect on people. Join us, and explore one of Morocco’s most hauntingly beautiful landmarks.