The world loves Marrakech, and Marrakech feels the same way

Recently, Thor decided to abandon Asgard for the 10th time. This time he went someplace new and full of different (non-destructive) activities that the Norse gods never dared to do. And that’s camel riding. Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky were enjoying camel rides in the desert while on holiday with their family. This goes to show that the desert is also appealing to Hollywood stars.

Speaking of Hollywood, directors love Marrakech. Some of the most legendary scenes and movies were shot in Marrakech. Its amazing culture and ancient buildings give it a certain appeal that’s interesting to almost every traveler out there. Does this mean that you have to be a Hollywood star to visit Marrakech? Of course not!


Chris Hemsworth in Marrakech
Chris Hemsworth in Marrakech


In the last two years, Marrakech has been developing its various sectors and trying to attract more visitors each year. Let’s talk statistics :

  • In 2017, arrivals have gone up by 26% attracting an additional 227.871 visitors.
  • In the same year, overnights have ascended to 683.716. and that’s +25%.
  • The Scandinavian market has risen by a whopping 90%
  • The Spanish market by +28%
  • The French folk have always been interested in Marrakech, does that mean that there were no new attracts? – 19%.
  • Germany is stunningly beautiful, yet, arrivals from Germany has gone up by 56%.

In the last 10 months, Marrakech has passed its peak by reaching 1,93M new visitors.

Marrakech is full of surprises and interesting things to do. The one issue you may have is confusion, so many things to do you won’t know where to start. We’ll let you know how we come in to rescue you from your confusion problem.

They love talking about us, and quite frankly, we also like the attention. A country this beautiful cannot go unnoticed. Primetime shows in France have aired multiple episodes on Marrakech totaling 2,7M views. ‘Good Morning Lithuania’ is a Lithuanian morning show ( as you may have astutely observed ) aired a 20-minute episode on Marrakech and it’s gorgeous surroundings, this episode scored 1M in views. One thing we know for sure is that Lithuanians do enjoy the desert, and we enjoy receiving people from different cultures and ethnicities.


Desert tours from Marrakech
Desert tours from Marrakech


Marrakech has been the center of Morocco’s attention. Mainly due to its high aerial turnout. RYAN AIR registered a frequency of two flights per week from Budapest to Marrakech, Cologne to Marrakech and AIRFRANCE registered a three per week flight frequency from Paris to Marrakech.


Marrakech Airport
Marrakech Airport


Since our king, the Moroccan government, and the Moroccan people simply adore Marrakech and the desert, and also because of its high appeal, major developmental alterations have been made. Some of these changes benefit the people of Marrakech and others benefit everyone that sets foot in this gem of a city. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the Secret Gardens in Marrakech that’s conveniently located and soothing. Morocco has also launched a Regional Developmental Program (RDP) in the Marrakech region. That involved a reconstruction of ports, building new ports, redeveloping highways, and hosting amazing events such as British Polo Day ( Richard Branson attended this event in 2018 ). The locals have also benefited greatly from this program. A cemetery landscape improvement has been issued and the Medina went through major development, as well as building new university complexes and hospitals.


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Smoothing Marrakech desert trips for more than two decades.

Remember the confusion issue you had? and how we’re going to resolve everything? well, we’re here and here’s how we are going to do just that.

We are locals and big fans of the desert and its components (e.g. camels.) that means that we know the Desert upside down. Every grain of sand tells us a story that we can’t wait to forward it to you. You will have an enormous amount of fun while you’re in Marrakech and the desert. Everything will be completely well managed and you won’t break a metaphorical sweat. We’ll show you around Erg Chigaga and you’ll spend an enchanting time in the desert when its nighttime.

Travelers from all around the world make sure that visiting Marrakech and its gorgeous desert is on their ‘to-do list’. And as recent statistics show 613,075 people have checked that off just last year. The flights are always convenient and Marrakech is forever welcoming you with its desert-y wide arms.

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