The Monkey Fingers, Dades Gorge, Morocco

The Monkey fingers, in Dades Gorge, Morocco, will show you what nature can do, on its own. This place is simply mesmerising. Rock climbers and adventurers will certainly admire The Monkey Fingers. As well as those who enjoy exploring new sights and gorgeous formations. Morocco is filled with them, and we couldn’t be any happier. Join us on this tour and discover one of Morocco’s natural wonders.

This spectacular rock formation presents itself like fingers rising from the river. It’s a smooth, intertwined landscape. Nature needed millions of years to carve out the long rock columns. And we feel like we should thank nature every day for this gorgeous sight. Also, it makes for a beautiful photo stop and a nice place to enjoy a hike. The Monkey Fingers, also known as “cliffs of Tamlalt”, constitute one of the most frequented sites of this region of Morocco. It’s an extraordinary spectacle that nature offers. These cliffs, like carved, are in the Valley of the Dades. It covers 170km (between Jbel Saghro and the Haut-Atlas massif). Also, it has some oases in the heart of its arid and desert environment.

The landscape of the “fingers of the monkey” is of raw beauty and captivating. You can see them from the road but to be able to access them completely, you have to be prepared.

And with us, you won’t have to worry. We’ll get you all the equipment you’ll need, and your trip will be worthwhile. Even as Moroccans, we still get amazed at this God-created masterpiece. You’ll definitely appreciate The Monkey Fingers, and you’ll surely appreciate the way we run our excursions and tours. PinKamel’s guide and driver will be with you at all times. Your time spent here will be full of excitement, and you’ll learn about rock formations.