Heavenly day trips from Marrakech.

We love Morocco. Our country, with its flaws, is still gorgeous. A beautiful land that was home to ancient Berbers. PinKamel extends Morocco’s warmth to everyone. You will love your stay here and the places that you’re going to see will forever be carved in your mind. There’s nothing more hauntingly beautiful than having mental images of Gorgeous Gorges and breathtaking landscapes.

Marrakech desert tours that are perfect for anyone, no matter their age, gender, or preferences. There’s something for everyone. If you’re a daring kind of person and you like to indulge in new and adrenalin driven experience, then you will love our quad biking excursions in the desert. Shred the vast desert with your motorbike and climb up high sand dunes to see the desert from a different perspective.

If you’re a calm one and you prefer soothing activities then look no further than our camel trekking excursions. PinKamel, with its regularly colored camels, will take you through the desert and witness a beautiful sunrise or sunset. A scene that everyone seems to fall in love with. Yes, you can fall in love with a place, and it happened to us when we first saw this amazing heaven on earth.

Fun day trips from Marrakech, and gorgeous camping sites in the desert. PinKamel has everything Sahara related under control. You will be provided with every necessity and our team is as professional as they come. No need to worry about any communication barriers, our drivers and tour guides both speak fluent English and you will have a tremendously fun experience with them.

We have been showing people the bright side of Morocco and its enchanting atmosphere since 1992, and we’re still doing it. We love it, we’re proud of it, and we’re excited to show you all around.